Commercial Loans

Metro Commercial Finance offers a vast array of commercial loan products and services designed to accomplish our clients goals.

We provide conventional commercial real estate loans, bridge loans and acquisition and development loans. Currently, we can accommodate and secure loan requests of up to $1 billion dollars.

Conventional Commercial Real Estate Loans – Utilizes income from the subject property to qualify. The borrowers assets and credit scores can serve as compensating factors when the stability of the property or its income is marginal. Typical turn times are 45-60 days. With as little as a 10% injection, these loans can be priced very competitively, and require full documentation. Non recourse loans are available starting at $1 million.

Bridge Loans – Designed for borrowers with an immediate short term need, or who have challenges with their financial position. Terms can be provided for as long as 24 months, and Loan-To-Values of approximately 75%. These loans require little documentation, and fund within days.

Acquisition and Development – Designed for developers or business owners who are constructing a building for their company. Depending on the type of the property being developed and its use, these projects can be completed with as a little as 10% equity from the borrower. Typical turn times are 60 – 90 days. Permanent financing is either arranged at the start of construction, or during the construction process. Non recourse construction loans are available to qualified builders.