Investor Loans

PPrivate Investor Fundingroperties acquired or held for investment purposes and occupied by third parties have presented as the most challenging borrowing scenario since the collapse of the credit markets in 2008 and the subsequent change in lending requirements.

Metro Commercial Finance has adapted to meet today’s strict lending standards on investor properties, and offers lending options to help accommodate economically sound loan requests. Currently, loan options that are available range from conventional loan products to non-institutional financing.

Metro Commercial Finance can even accommodate your need for immediate funding with our investor loans, of which offer closing times as quick as one week.

Property types include:

Multi-Family / Apartments
Warehouse / Light Industrial
Self Storage
Special Purpose

The current credit environment allows for financing such properties for investment purposes. Presently,┬áthe credit markets strongly favor multi-family / apartment properties and currently offer historically low interest rates with minimal down payment amounts. Loan types include recourse and non-recourse guarantees with loan amounts starting at $300,000 and ranging beyond $200,000,000. The professional experience and the overall strength of the borrower, coupled with the property’s ability to service the proposed debt are some of several factors in securing financing that would greatly complement such an investment.

In addition, properties such as Self-Storage, Office, Retail and Light Industrial are open to more flexible financing options if the buyer wishes to use it as an investment property along with serving their own business, thus offering very competitve interest rates and down payment options for property types that are commonly used for investment purposes exclusively.